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Hello! Thanks for stopping in. I am hoping my work will entice you to read my stories. Not that I want to sell books, only to share a good book.

A good story in my definition is matchless and absorbing. That’s how I felt listening to Richard’s stories, the character in my first novel From Battle to Barrio and Back. It’s as if they longed to be told. That’s how I felt listening to my great aunt, named Viola in my second novel, as I, as a child, listened to her eerie accounts of spirits and demons and retell in In the Realm of Spirits. My third novel, Intertwined, is a fictional tale set within a modern-day tragedy, though it did not start out that way. My motivation began with telling the story of sisterly devotion and love as I have with my own sister, Ana Lisa.

Stories write themselves, in my eyes. They take unexpected paths to get you to the story you were meant to tell.

I am, truly, a storyteller.

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