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Winning an award in third grade for a book report on Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White was the start of my love for writing. From then on, I wrote a book report for every book I read even if it wasn’t assigned by my teachers!


I ventured out into poetry and found my first love – words from my soul in compelling order. Poetry got me through every turbulent time in my life as well as helped me revel in the serene moments. Poetry gave, and still gives, my emotions expression.


When I was a fourth-grade teacher, I veered from standard curriculum and taught poetry writing in its many forms. They groaned, as most students do with intimidating asks, but I told my students that whatever they wrote would never be corrected, never marked up with my proverbial red pen, because poetry can never be wrong. Capitals were optional, as was punctuation and spacing. They were amazed. These freedoms allowed them to write whatever came to their minds, fearlessly. Their poetry was phenomenal. Confidence does that.

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