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poet-life achieved

An interior soul

I inhabit.

Returning to its safety

Is how I make it through the

Day, some days.

The hum of solitude my welcome

Back when retreat from creations

Unremarkable are unbearable to

Own, their makings prosaic attempts

At affect;

A high ideal off target,

A hard reality weakly examined.

Profoundly equipped, my interior soul

Allows me to stay while I

Bandage my ego,

Let the sting fade, then

Refuses my company

On grounds that

Interior living is wordless, soundless,

Not the place for me to often return

If word canvasses are what I desire

To paint in verse with meaningful mention

That which inspires and stirs.

I venture there less,

The verbal-free place,

Now living, creating

On the outside where

Noise of the world,

Noise of emotion

Noise of the coming and going and

Staying of love enthuses,

Rouses my expression, canceling

Tendencies to lower myself into

The unremarkable chasm

Where before I so neatly

Folded myself into its crevices.

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